Is RD a Better Replacement to RWD?

Friday, 31 October 2014 0 comments
Responsive Web Designing (RWD) has always been on news and is always under the microscopic eyes of designers and developers ever since it's inception. And now the invention of this new technology, called Responsive Delivery (RD) is ought to replace RWD; believe experts from SynapseIndia reviews team.

According to experts, RD is a way better option than RWD as it doesn't alter anything on the website, and neither asks for any additional APIs. Responsive web designing has became a need of the hour as the web is now accessible to one and all, and people are more prone to do most of their online works through their handsets (smartphone or tablet PCs).

But, RWD being a costly affair, where the whole website needs to be rebuilt, a lot of small or medium size businesses were facing a hard time affording the solution. All the JavaScript logic being worked upon for RWD, works on the browser; which can lead to bandwidth and performance issues.

While, on the contrary, RD comes with the goal  present mobile users with an interface that has the full functionality of a website on a desktop; but the coding is done on the server side. Thus, SynapseIndia reviews experts would like to believe that RD presents itself as a the most worthy replacement to time-consuming and costly website rebuilds.


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