SynapseIndia Reviews Microsoft ASP.NET & Azure Updates

Wednesday, 3 September 2014 0 comments
It has been raining updates in the web development front and it was time that Microsoft add to the core value to their favorite web development tool. The anticipation has always been there but the official announcement was made only a few days ago. The new update for Visual studio has been incorporated. This enables one to create ASP.NET applications which in turn seek the authentication from Windows Azure.

This is certainly an intuitive update meant for the advanced web experts who have been striving to streamline the functionality of ASP.NET and Azure; believe experts from SynapseIndia reviews team. Getting hold of this update is no hard task as well. One can download the official update by downloading Visual Studio 2013 preview. A little add on includes an added install of the ASP. Net along with web tool preview refresh. The update certainly comes as a boost to the already burgeoning ASP.NET development.

The project dialogue with detailed docs are available in the official ASP. Net page of Windows. There are innovative additions in the context of Cloud- single and multiple organizations as well as On premises. The update also addresses some known performance issues pertaining to WAAD support. HTP Erro code 400 might pop up if one wants a request for an new tenant in a multi-tenant application.

The new update is in line with the prevailing new updates from Windows in respect to making their services more interactive as well as better streamlined. It is true to say that to some extent they have been successful in their endeavor. 


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