SharePoint Applications : Changing the way how an Enterprise Run its Business

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Released in the year 2001 by Microsoft, SharePoint revolutionized application development. Initially it was created for Intranet documentation and content management purposes. But nowadays it is vastly used for collaborations, extranets, social networks, managing document files and other organizational procedures. There are two versions which are open project but you can also get Premium Versions with Additional functions.

SharePoint applications development provides a large variety of works. A lot of networking based works on industrial and organizational level is done in SharePoint. Also the cloud service edition comes to you as a part of their 'OFFICE 365' platform. SharePoint provides a very high level of Enterprise application software. The vital services provided by SharePoint are 'Sites', 'Search', 'Communities', ' Content', 'Insights' and 'Composites'.

What Does the New Version Offer?

We get a 'ribbon user-interface' in the newer versions, which is very useful for manipulating Data, Page Editing and adding functionality to the Sites. Some SharePoint apps like Quick Launch 2010, Twitter Webparts, Jungle Doc, etc. are extremely popular nowadays. Auto-provisioned apps are present in the latest versions in form of Azure support. SharePoint apps can now be run on a different kind of Web Platforms because of the new app model released is decoupled from SharePoint.

Some of the suitable web platforms are LAMP stack (Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP), ASP.NET, Ruby and Node.js. SynapseIndia Reviews experts rightfully says that business corporations and organizations hugely benefit from SharePoint apps such as 'ORG SharePoint Chart'. This technology is the future, and a developer with extensive SharePoint knowledge are among the most sought after resources.


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